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Half of our products are exported

Fan Wenjian: foreign general will set up trade barriers, technical barriers, etc., Chinese enterprises to deliberately avoid. Can be from the structure, technological transformation and other aspects of innovation. Such as through international channels, with the foreign flooring research institute, to carry out technological innovation,Cladding Pvc Wall Panel Shower Room
bypass their patented technology, manufacturing differentiated products. Like our World Friends, 40% of annual net profit are invested in research and development, not less than 20 million of funds. Half of our products are exported, but did not encounter patent issues.Project Name: Annual production of 30000m3 high density boardgarden floor price
production line Project Name: Annual production of 30000m3 high density board production line cooperation Henan side: Nanle County Yuanyu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Total investment (million): 2936 Way of cooperation: Joint venture Project content: 3 Million m3 / a high density board production line Contact: Chen volume into the "China Famous Brand": fake true really holiday,diy decorative wall clading