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"haier" in the floor

Hefei today borrow this newspaper called for industrial and commercial department, the consumer such as near the road along the river have purchased these two floor, adverse consequences after use, please contact the city industrial and commercial bureau of fair trading.
It is understood that the ministry of commerce and industry in hefei in the near future on the market sales of wood floor quality sampling, it is found that in the double river along the road of suffering "hefei luyang district jia jia le shop floor" distribution of mountains anaglyph floor thereof jiale real wood floor is not qualified,
so the name of cao, head of sales department law enforcement personnel required to produce the relevant material, but its not cooperation. Investigations by law enforcement officers, foreign under the sales department "mountains, jia jia anhui marketing service center warehousing center" brand, is a self-employed.
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Re: "haier" in the floor

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