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Flooring supermarket expansion strategy

and even "profiteering" said. Liu Mengchun this view is: "If there is a 'profiteering', then through our clear price has been squeezed out." In order to prove his argument is false, he made such a commitment: If in other stores Buy the same brand of similar products than the price of Yu-line high, the difference part of the double to give back.composite wood decking manufacturers in egypt
Yu Sen line to "clear code" face appearance, in fact, has caused widespread concern inside and outside the industry. China Forest Products Industry Association, China Wood Circulation Association have agreed to this approach, macro resistance, the elephant, Rhine Sunshine and other non-partners, also expressed great concern.outdoor deck for sale
The prelude to a channel change is being quietly opened by Yu-sen line. Flooring supermarket expansion strategy in the Beijing store opened on the eve of its fortune in Fujian, Yu Sen line has been established 12 large supermarket chains and 57 franchise stores, sales accounted for more than three percent of Fujian province floor consumption.pvc hollow deck cyprus