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below grim situation

Export increases below grim situation to help a company, this bureau begins classified government, right in smoking, check, follow check along with the newspaper, follow along with check put, right the taxation form that in was not being smoked, checks is put namely, the enterprise is connected on average close time to shorten make an appointment with 4/5, great rose to connect concern speed and efficiency, reduced pass cost.

Export product quality safety for safeguard, this bureau coachs the enterprise perfects supplier of raw material qualification to evaluate system and self check to control a system oneself, strengthen analysis of raw material quality to judge supplier of make allowance for to manage, the key superintends the project such as plant diseases and insect pests and poisonous and harmful material.

Fair of industry of timber of Chinese Linyi international and " man-made of the 3rd world board congress " kicked off grandly on September 24, 2016, ju Mubo of home of focusing new harbor will be hot occasion. It is Shandong above all mayor of government of people of province Linyi city delivers a speech, zhang Shuping expresses: Linyi is Shandong province population is most, the area is the largest, also be the city of level of a ground with rapidder development, also be content of Chinese market famous city flow,
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