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the water evaporation

On the one hand is the emulsion - part of the water evaporation, so that the polymer particles dehydration and adhesion together to form a continuous elastic-plastic film; the other is the cement to absorb the remaining moisture in the milk, the occurrence of hydration and curing, and And organic polymer chains together constitute the interpenetrating network of waterproof coating structure.cost of a composite fence in Argentina
Thus speeding up the film curing film growth rate.Waterproof principle of polymer cement waterproof coating From the existing waterproof coating varieties to analyze, the waterproof mechanism can be divided into two types. - the class is formed by forming a complete coating to block the permeation of water or the penetration of water molecules the other is through the hydrophobic action of the coating itself to prevent moisture through.composite decking boards wood deckingPolymer cement waterproof coating is through the coating to block the passage of water or water molecules penetration. Many polymer materials can form a complete continuous film after drying. There is always a gap between the molecules and molecules of the solid polymer, and the width of the gap is about several nanometers.exterior decorative cladding panels
It is reasonable to say that a single water molecule is completely free from these gaps, but the water of nature is usually in an association , Dozens of water molecules between the role of hydrogen bonds and the formation of a larger water molecules. In this way, the water molecules are actually difficult to pass the gap between the polymer, which is waterproof coating coating with the main reason for waterproof.decklife decking boards