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BBA Scope in India 2017-2025

Students interested in Corporate Management now join reputed colleges in Bangalore for BBA which is the stepping stone for a brighter future. Well established colleges for BBA have the benefit of giving practical training in management which can help students to work in big or small organizations.

What is the course is all about?

Bachelor in Business Management (BBA) helps students to learn management of business in big or small organizations. It is of more importance to students of other faculties as they learn about business management. This is a three year course which helps aspirants learn the principles of business management. Best colleges in India , Students studying for BBA graduation are taught to develop communicating skills besides quantitative analysis. Through BBA students learn business processes and practices and understand how economics works in the world marketplace.
Students have the benefit of specializing in any one of the areas.

Some of the courses offered include accounting, international business, real estate and finance besides computer information. At the same time, various other aspects of business administration are handled under this course. Three years of this course are equivalent to undergraduate management and the two years for Post Graduate Program. The other subjects that they learn include project management, business theories, E-business, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, beside business ethics and law.

Course is ideal for which kind of students

There are Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore that hold exams where students who have done well in the XII Science can answer the entrance examination and get in the college if they get a good score in entrance examination.
There is an entrance examination to join these BBA colleges which is conducted at all India level and those students that get the best marks are admitted for the BBA courses. The tests are mainly objective with multiple choices. The tests which are common to all exams include Mathematics which is quantitative, then there is English where they test the verbal ability, there is general knowledge besides logical reasoning which is analytical. The Entrance examinations are usually scheduled between May and June.

Career opportunity after course

Since BBA students are made aware of business issues round the globe, finding a job is very easy. Going through top BBA colleges in Bangalore, graduating students get an opportunity to develop their management and operational skills so they can hold posts of mangers in different institutions. Employers look for BBA students for different posts such as operations manager, cost estimator, security officer information, manager for loss prevention besides sales manager. As new businesses open there are lot of opportunities for students who finish their BBA. These posts are expected to rise as the year ends.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced

After a BBA degree a beginner will get a salary of INR 10,000 – 14,000, per month while companies having offices through length and breathe of the country offer INR 12,000- 14,000.per month. Salaries vary in different states in the country. Some BBA graduates get salaries as low as 400,000 and as high as 525,500. While some with one year experience get a salary of 220,000a year while a graduate in BBA get with 10 years’ experience gets a salary of 910,000.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course

There are lot of opportunities for aspirants looking for jobs. Some of the top ten companies offering jobs are Absolute People Screen Pvt Ltd- Delhi, Gurgaon, India Manpower Solution- Indore, RETCOMM Solutions-Delhi, Free Birds Ads- Kochi, Future Consultancy Services- Hyderabad , Illumni Technologies, Ascentech Information Technology Pvt Ltd-Mumbai, Sree Bajaj Dairy Products-Indore, Apta Infotech-Bangalore, Smart Docs Hyderabad.

Top BBA colleges in Bangalore can help students answer BBA and get posts of general and operations managers in small and large businesses.

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