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My blog is not there

When I tried to access my blog, it apparently has been taken down. Why is that?

Re: My blog is not there

A number of possible reasons. Only Bravenet can answer than but the address of the blog would give them a clue about where to look.

Re: My blog is not there

When I click on the URL I'm getting that the page cannot be displayed. I was certain that I had put it in my first post, but that's neither here nor there now.

Re: My blog is not there

Thanks, Peter. I was a basket case when I posted my message and just forgot that B. would need the link.

Re: My blog is not there

Google cache has a copy dated after your first post but I am getting bounced to a generic "sign up for a blog" page.

If you log in to your account at and go to the webapps control panel do you see:

1. No blog registered
2. Blog registered but no content when you go to it
3. Blog registered and content shown
4. A warning message of some sort.

If the blog was taken down for cause I would have expected a "suspended" notice rather than a generic redirect. Unless you have a paid account and can raise a support ticket you may have a longish wait before a Bravenet tech reads your post as thy don't seem to be checking th forums very often at the moment.

Do check the junk mail folder in your email account just in case you have been sent a warning notice. Yahoo is good at mistaking important emails for spam.

Re: My blog is not there

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