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Where do I get the code at for my blog?

Hello. I am trying to get my blog over onto my website. I contacted MGMT who manage my site and was told this (keep in mind that when they mention web page they are referring to a web page that I would need to create over at my site, which I know how to do that part).

"You can definitely use the "create web page" function in PrestoStore to link to a blog you create with Bravenet.

What you would need to do is "embed" the URL of your blog into the web page you create in your PrestoStore. This is a simple HTML code that Bravenet should provide for you. Once you create a new web page (such as "My Blog"), you would just need to copy and paste the embed code onto the page and your blog would appear. Please let us know if you have any additional questions."

So, how would I get the code to my blog so that I can paste it over onto my own web page? Thank you very much.