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New Bravenet Pro package

We now offer a new Bravenet Pro package!

This all-in-one package includes Pro Bravehost FTP Hosting, Pro Bravesites Site Builder, and Pro Web Apps all for only $99 per year!

Bravenet Pro includes:

Everything from our Premium FTP Hosting
+ UNLIMITED websites
+ UNLIMITED disk space
+ UNLIMITED bandwidth

Everything from our Premium Bravesites Site Builder
+ UNLIMITED websites
+ UNLIMITED disk space
+ UNLIMITED bandwidth

Everything from our Pro Web Apps
+ 3,000 Mailing List subscribers
+ 200,000 Message Forum posts
+ 2,500 Password Protect user accounts
+ All other services receive increased limits to 2,500

Package details can be seen on the page below, or by using the renew or upgrade links in your Bravenet account:

This means that you will no longer need to pay more to use any of our Pro web apps with your website at Bravenet, or pay for individual services that may expire on different dates! There is no additional charge to host more than 10 websites, use FTP Hosting and Site Builder at the same time, or to upgrade your Message Forum to 200,000 posts!

If you are currently using any of our Premium, Pro or Starter services and have any questions about the new package, just open a support ticket at and we will be happy to provide you with support specific to your account.