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Blog Questions: Subscribers & Reply Option

I have my website through Bravenet and have been happy. I have some questions about the blog features, though. 1) Is there a way for people to subscribe to my blog so they'll be notified when there are new posts? 2) Is there a way to have a "reply" feature on the blog so that comments can be replied to? Please advise. Thank you.

Re: Blog Questions: Subscribers & Reply Option

I am new to Bravenet and also have very similar questions. I will search for answers and related posts and if I find anything I will let you know as I hope you will also do.
Best Dan

Re: Blog Questions: Subscribers & Reply Option


I learned from Bravenet customer support that they do not have a "reply" feature. I was told they would pass my suggestion along. I did find a way around the subscribe issue by using feedburner. I don't actually remember what brought me to them, but I've been very happy with how it's working.

If you learn anything different, please do share, and I'll do the same!

Re: Blog Questions: Subscribers & Reply Option

Our Blog service has an RSS feed built in that can be used to subscribe, as well as the ability for visitors to subscribe using their email address.

To allow visitors to subscribe by using their email address, follow the steps below in your Bravenet account:

1. Click on the "web apps" tab near the top of the page
2. Click on "Blog"
3. Click on "Manage Subscribers"
4. Select "Yes, enable the ability to subscribe to my blog."
5. Click on "update settings >>"

Visitors are able to reply with comments on Blog posts. You can change this setting per post, or in the "Privacy Settings" area of your Blog manager.