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Confused Long-time Member

I've been using the fabulous bravenet services for many moons, I'd guess roughly a decade and I've used it on many platforms; Laptop, desktop, dumb-phone, smartphone and whatnot. I've always been pleased with the way the services functioned and the support I have received regarding the services. One a scale of one to ten, bravenet is a ten.

TL;DR? Scroll to last paragraph.

My favorite service is and has always been the blog. I love having the platform to speak my mind, say what I'm feeling, share hopes and dreams or even whine about my failures and losses. It doesn't matter to me so much who is reading, if anyone, I'm just pleased to have a place to put it.

Having said all that, I keep clicking this little link, in the upper right hand corner of my service that says Blog Community. I used to wear that link out! I loved it! I made some very good friends here on bravenet, some who I still keep in contact with on other social networking sites. It gave me the opportunity to go look at other blogs, see how other people were customizing and using the service. It allowed me to network with other bloggers, that was one of my favorite parts of the service.

Back in the day (when you were knee-high to a grass-hopper,) you could click that magical Blog Community link and be transported to links to other bravenet members blogs, including one to a blog by someone named Steve, his avatar was an ostrich wearing glasses. Steve's blog was fabulous. You were always going to find interaction with other members there and Steve would tell you what was up. There used to be some sort of award that users could receive and you were stoked if you got it.

Things were excellent then, in my opinion. Then, there came a great war. A spam war. It was a huge pain in the but to keep people from spamming in your tagboard, your comments, pretty much anywhere. You'd log into your account and then delete spam, it became routine. It was a turn off for me and my use of the service began to decline somewhat. When I resumed use, there were a lot of blogs linked on the community page that I would call spammy. They were created with the goal of making money from them. It was slightly annoying. Again, my use of the service declined.

So, now I am am back. And I want to know. Is the spam whats responsible for the lack of community now? Was it just too much to keep up with? Curiosity has gotten to me, and I truly do miss the Blog Community of the old day.

Re: Confused Long-time Member

You are correct, we removed the Blog Community because it was just too full of spam.

We miss the Blog Community too. It really was a lot of fun and we loved using it to show off the awesome blogs that our members were creating. But as you saw, it just became so full of spam that we decided to remove it.

Thank you for your feedback.

Re: Confused Long-time Member

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

That's really a shame. It was great fun, while it lasted!