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how to manage blog's post

Hi there,
Im quite confusing on how to manage my previous post's, can one advice me the way.
thank you

Re: how to manage blog's post

1. Log into your Bravenet acocunt.
2. Click the 'web apps' tab at the top.
3. Click 'Blog.'
4. Click the second link on the left, 'Manage Blog Posts'
5. Click the edit icon to the far right of the blog post you wish to edit.

Hope this helps!

Re: how to manage blog's post


I am trying to find out how to edit my blog.

When I get to the step to click "blog" the only area I am seeing to click on a blog is the Register tab.

I see this beside the register tab "Create an online diary or blog."

When I click on this I am not seeing anything on my left for manage blog.

Thank you very much.


Re: how to manage blog's post

Okay, I finally got it. I had to literally click on register again and click which type of blog I wanted, clicked on it and was able to see the link for my blog with an edit link beside it.

I'm so glad. I am ready to get rolling :)