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Archive Links not Working?

Clicking on the archive list brings up a page that states there are no blog posts, although there should be several pages available - and have been in the past. Switching to calendar works, but I want the link list back.

Any help will be appreciated.

Re: Archive Links not Working?

Hi Cindy,

It seems to be an account specific bug. If you change your blog to view archived posts in as a calendar it will work. I have asked one of our developers to have a look into your account to see what is going on. But perhaps in the meantime you should changed to calendar view - this can be found under general settings.


Re: Archive Links not Working?

Thanks for checking in so quickly, Courtnie. I'd checked a couple of other blogs and saw the archive lists were working. I'll switch now and hope to go back when it's fixed.

Appreciate it!

Re: Archive Links not Working?

OK, just switched to calendar mode, but individual blog posts go to the same "No blog available" page. (And I'd done a test on individual pages - they don't exist).

Just an FYI. I'll hang tight while the techies have a look.

Thanks, again.