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Comments to this post have been disabled

I had written two posts and initially both were allowing comments - now in both the posts where the comment box used to be ,i find a message that reads ' comments to this post have been diabled' . I did not disable this and when i check through control panel i dont see this disabled - can someone at Brave sites please set this right so people can comment on this post.
the url of these 2 posts is as follows:


Re: Comments to this post have been disabled

From your BraveSites toolbar click 'Site Content' > 'Blog Comments' > 'Settings' (top right)

Here you will see:

_ Enabled
_ Enabled for __ days after posts are posted
_ Disabled

If you wish to always enable blog comments make sure enabled is checked off. If you only wish to enable posts for only a certain number of days after posts are posted, enter the number of days and select that option.


Re: Comments to this post have been disabled

I was able to fix the problem following your prompt and accurate instructions.thank you