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Blog Will Not Load

I had previously been a member of Bravenet for several years. About two years ago I took some time away from blogging for personal reasons. I had actually forgotten about my blog here until a couple weeks ago I got a comment notification. (The comment was just spam.) After being reminded of the blog though I decided to come back to blogging here. I made some changes to the look of my blog with the colors and background etc. and made a new post. I tried to make another post but when I clicked to publish it I got an error message. I decided I would check the blog to see if it had in fact been published anyway as I sometimes experience a similar problem with my blog on a different blogging service. But now my blog will not load. It keeps redirecting to

I couldn't get the help page to load either - the only reason I was able to get to this forum was because I'd taken a look at it earlier and I was able to get back through my browser history.

Re: Blog Will Not Load

Also now when I try to log in to my account I get the following message:

Sorry, the account you are trying to access has been deleted

The account no longer exists. All services associated with the account have also been removed and will no longer function.
Service owners who have deleted their accounts should remove any Bravenet code still showing on their webpage, to minimize possible inconvenience to site visitors.

I get the same message when trying to access the help page and many other pages on the Bravenet site.

This is certainly NOT making me feel like deciding to come back to blogging on Bravenet was a good idea.

Re: Blog Will Not Load

Two days and still nothing? I'll be sticking with wordpress or blogger then. Not happy about this at all.

Re: Blog Will Not Load

this what told me write to below address theyv fix it
We have recently increased efforts to combat abuse of our services. Particularly due to mass attempts to use our Blog service for SEO link baiting. Blogs found to be posting targeted articles for that purpose are being canceled.

Re: Blog Will Not Load

I have experienced this kind of problem before. But after several hours the blog came bag. I think they had a problem with their server or something...

Re: Blog Will Not Load

Same-o, same-o here. I'm totally in the dark as to why my blog was deleted. I did not post links, nor any text. Images only. What's up with that?

Re: Blog Will Not Load

amazing blog, keep it up ...