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How do I Get Out of Bravenet Yet Save my Blog?

Peachy keen. Bravenet changes the site around, so I can''t even find my blog, doesn't bother coming here to answer questions, expects me to know answers to help others when I can't even get answers, and wants to charge me for asking the obvious question - WHERE'S MY BLOG? Why do they bother notifying me that I have a comment pending, if they won't let me see it...or MY BLOG?

Obviously, Bravenet doesn't want us to use their service anymore, if we're unwilling to pay, so how do I either save the years of blogging I did with them or, better yet, export it to someone who does want us? (Blogspot/Blogger)

Hey, apparently, I'll have to wait for some time, before getting an answer, but, then again, that's rather why I moved to a different blogging platform to begin with. I can wait.