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Hit counter


I have tried to set up my hit counter and I feel I may be missing something to actually getting it to work. I am new to this so please bare with me and any questions I may have. I got the hit counter under my web tools. and have gone through all the steps to set it up back on Feb 6th. I checking it today and there were no "hits" not even mine from viewing my own page to see if it works. Please help

Re: Hit counter

You missed the last step - actually putting the hit counter code on the page.

Actually that is quite a common mistake.

Re: Hit counter

Is there a specific place I should put it?

Re: Hit counter

That is a question that really tempts fate :)

The counter goes in the "body" section, conventionally at the bottom of the page but that is entirely your design choice.

Re: Hit counter

For the future... I think Statcounter is a good tool. It counts not only click but gives much more statistics.