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Access controls to forum

I'm considering changing over from a Network54 forum to a Bravenet one for my website.

Does Bravenet provide access control to limited "group members"? Or does it rely just on IP address blocking?

I've found that trolls will simply get 'proxy IP addresses' and cause havoc. That's why I switched over to Network54's 'group access controls' with great success.

Now that Network54 is having ongoing billing and advertisement problems, I'm exploring my options.


Re: Access controls to forum

Bravenet forums are 100% open access. That is the gap in they market that they have explicitly targetted.

There is no forum membership or forum specific security, Bravenet provide IP blocking that covers all services used under one account. So if you block an address from your forum it is also blocked from guestbooks, email forms, classified ads, web hosting and the rest.