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My account was deleted as well...

Was trying to set up a blog, and WHAM. Deleted. No reason, link to support not active, lost everything i've been building over the past 8 hours. Thanks Bravenet.

Re: My account was deleted as well...

Your site is up. If you have a login problem RAISE A TICKET!

Re: My account was deleted as well...

No clue how to create "ticket" when every link I click on takes me to a page with this:

A Problem Occurred While Processing Your Request For additional assistance, please visit our Help Center Sorry, the account you are trying to access has been deleted.

The account no longer exists. All services associated with the account have also been removed and will no longer function. Service owners who have deleted their accounts should remove any Bravenet code still showing on their webpage, to minimize possible inconvenience to site visitors.

Re: My account was deleted as well...

Is this you??

Welcome to my MHNHN. This place is merely an expansion of the MHRE that I have worked on over the past 10+ years. From building marketing concepts and social networking, to creating designs and artwork for both business and fun, i've done it all.

Go to this page if you have a problem

Re: My account was deleted as well...

That is me, however I get the same page, that the account no longer exists. No worries. I plan to use another service. I can't risk these kinds of problems in the future. Thanks.