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Basic Hit Counter

I registered for a basic hit counter for my website but cannot figure out how to activate this on the website. There is a field that has space for 990 characters. I tried copying and pasting the 10 digit /Alpha & Numeric number that bravenet assigned me and that did nothing. I then copied and pasted a 40-digit number that bravenet also assigned and that did nothing. What am I doing wrong? Where the number of visitors should appear on my home page, I see only the 10 digit code bravenet first assigned. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Re: Basic Hit Counter

The complete code that Bravenet emailed to you has to be used, you don't extract bits from it.

no sales

I do not know if I am in the right place. My site in not selling and I do not know where to turn. I am looking to write forums to help aging people with health and mobility problems.I may be in over my head. Tom.