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domain name confusion SEO & placement

Hi, Have an interesting question. I have a customer that we are using a shortened domain name to simplify advertising - it is a .biz
For SEO we thought it would be best to place the website on a longer name with a .com will this hurt us in the search engines?
The longer name is not masked as the domain is still the company name just longer...

Thank you for any input in this matter you may have.
Does bravehost use a 301 or a 302 forwarding system?

Re: domain name confusion SEO & placement

In SEO Domain name is also matter a long character Url will hurt Your SEO and it get bad effect on your websites. There are some specific Characters for SEO Domain.

Re: domain name confusion SEO & placement

domain name is very important for SEO.Domain name should be proper as I am doing SEO of my best powerpoint designing company | PPT
.its domain name is PPT which is also a microsft product so its very difficult to rank this website. so domain name is very important on page SEO

Re: domain name confusion SEO & placement

You would be best advised to post your query on a professional site such as webmasterworld.

Redirecting to sounds like good sense to me. Certainly using your company name as your domain name if possible would have some SEO benefit. Remember though that there are no "silver bullets" in SEO, search engines use a very complex mix of factors to determine what comes on the first page in a search.

Re: domain name confusion SEO & placement

Domain name is an important part of On PAGE SEO. your domain name should be related to your topic of your website. Do not try to copy any other's domain name. It will affect your website and you will face many problems in ranking your website. My website Get CoWorking Station on Rent is also facing the similar problem because of its domain name.

Re: domain name confusion SEO & placement

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