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Web site hit counter info

I a signed up to Bravenet so that I could get information about the number of hits on my website. However I am finding it difficult to navigate this website and find the information I need. I have an account and yet cannot get the information I want. Can someone please advise what I am doing wrong?
Best regards. Ted

Re: Web site hit counter info

I have the same question... where do I get the code snippet for a hit counter?


Re: Web site hit counter info

I assume that you have got as far as opening a Bravenet account.

Log in, select web applications. Scroll down until you find the app that you want to register. Click and follow the instructions.

Once you have registered log in, select web stats, click on Copy/Paste code.

Re: Web site hit counter info

I am trying to update the statistics on how many people have visited our website. All it says on the stats page is "Never updated (See 'Build/Update' on awstats_setup.html page)" Where do I find this?

Re: Web site hit counter info

Cassie, awstats is nothing to do with the Braveapps hit counter. If you have a new question it is far better to start a new thread rather than make off topic posts on existing ones.

Re: Web site hit counter info

I would also like to install the traffic counter on mu site. Any help?

Re: Web site hit counter info

First you must open a Bravenet account
Then you must register the services that you wish to use. You don't have access to any webtool until you explicitly register it.

Once registered you have access to the necessary html code.

The most commonly reported "problems" are not realising that you need to open an account and that each service needs to be explicitly registered. You gave no details so I can only assume that your problem is the most common one.