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Account deleted?

We get the message that something went wrong and our account has been deleted. Can you explain how this happened?

Re: Account deleted?

No idea, try asking Bravenet

Re: Account deleted?

We tried to get through to the Help page and keep getting an error.

Re: Account deleted?

Same here, spent some time setting up my blog...made two posts..then my account was deleted. No way to contact Bravenet directly so I'll be blogging elsewhere. Poor show!

Re: Account deleted?

Narrowgateassembly, your account has been restored. I've emailed you more information regarding the cancellation.

To contact us regarding any type of problem logging into an account, click on "Can't Login / Sign Up" on our help page (

Re: Account deleted?

My account was deleted after I made a long blog post as well. It was very sudden and I'm very upset. I didn't do anything wrong.

Can you please restore my account as well? I've already sent in a message through the Can't Login/Sign Up form.

Thank you.


Re: Account deleted?

Same here. I'm trying to write reviews for equipment to be used in my business and then I get deleted after my second post? Ridiculous, if it's not fixed in a few minutes I'm just moving to wordpress.

Re: Account deleted?

I deleted my Bravenet account before cancelling payments and am now unable to log back in to cancel them. Is there an email address I can use to get help to cancel my payments?

Thank you

Re: Account deleted?


recette tiramisu

Re: Account deleted?

Cancelling your account will stop all purchases, you will not be charged.

We have increased efforts to combat abuse of our services. Particularly due to mass attempts to use our Blog service for link building intended to either increase or maliciously damage search engine rankings. Google now penalizes websites for these backlinks.

If anyone believes their free Blog was canceled in error, please open an abuse support ticket.