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Installed new guestbook, but it will not post

I just installed the Bracelet guestbook on my page at

Everything displays correctly but when I try posting it goes through the motions of validation, submitting entry and retrieving, which make it appear to be working, but when it's completed it just says:
"There are no guestbook entries to display".

I know it's making connection to Bracelet, but it does not actually post the comments.

I made sure the code is correct, and even tried putting the specific page the form is on instead of just my domain in the settings.

I searched then forums and see other people with the same problem, but there are basically no replies suggesting how to fix it.

Any help appreciated

Re: Installed new guestbook, but it will not post

Never mind.. I found the problem..
I was going to try installing the script on a blank page thinking that perhaps another script was interfering with it, and that's when I noticed the html had 2 closing head tags:

I don't know how or when that happened, but after I removed the duplicate the Bracelet guestbook started working!

It's curious, the extra closing head did not seem to affect anything else..

Anyway, if anyone else has a problem with their guestbook not posting, then something in the other html on your page may be the culprit.

Re: Installed new guestbook, but it will not post

NO. no, no. It still isn't working.
One post went through and displayed it, but now that post is gone and new ones don't appear either.

I have the same problem when trying in my bravenet page.

Any help please.