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Guestbook Posts Not Posting

All of a sudden posts are not appearing in the guestbook. Users can write and submit them but then they don't appear anywhere. I only have 18 posts total so far and I haven't changed anything since setting this up (which was only about a week ago). Any ideas what might be going on?

Re: Guestbook Posts Not Posting

Insufficient data, what have you done to test? Is this failing on every type of device from desktop computer to phone?

A link to the site would help for a start.

Re: Guestbook Posts Not Posting

I have only tested via desktop computer. To test, I've tried entering a post and previewing it...when I preview, the comment (a required field) is not appearing. I tried to change the comment field to not be required, but it appears I can't do that.

I've also toggled the following security settings: Allow HTML, Enable post flood protection, Require image protection.

My security settings are:
Allow private: No
Allow HTML: Yes
Allow smiles: No
Enable post flood protection: Yes
Require image verification: Yes

Note that I am not a Pro member.

The guestbook can be found as follows:

Thank you for any assistance.