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New photos won't upload to albums

I can't seem to upload photos to my albums anymore. When I select the photos to upload, it tells me the photos have uploaded, but they are not there.

I created a new album just to test. Photos would not upload to a new folder either.

Any ideas? Anyone having the same problem?

Re: New photos won't upload to albums

Working for me using Firefox under Windows 7 with a 189kb jpeg. Repeated with a 2.6meg jpeg and had a good completion messge but nothing uploaded.

The service is supposed to scale down pictures that are over 1 megabyte in size and it appears to be this function that is failing. If you resize the picture yourself to be under 1 meg then it should be OK.

If you have a Pro account (I don't) you should raise a support ticket otherwise we will have to use the workaround above until somebody at Bravenet gets around to reading this forum.

Re: New photos won't upload to albums

Peter! Thank you. You are brilliant!