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My guest book page no longer exists

I have had a free guest book on my website for at least 10 years. Today I tried to open the guest book using the link on this web page and I get the message that the web page does not exist.

When I sign into my Bravenet account it does not show that I have a Guest Book. What is going on? I signed up for a new guest **** and the link to that guest book is Looks like my old guest book was pub48 and my new one is pub10. I would like to retrieve the entries on the old guest book that I had not archived. Anyone know how I can do that, or what happened to the old guest book? I did not receive any communication from Bravenet telling me the old guest book was being retired.

Re: My guest book page no longer exists

There is another discussion of this a couple of posts down in the forum.

Bravenet appear to have treated accounts as "dead" if the owner hasn't logged in to their Bravenet account for a while. I know of two other guest books that have gone as has an email form on my website.

The actual customer usage doesn't seem to have been taken into account, just the time of last owner login.