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Someone trying to use our classified ads says that they are getting the message ERR-INVALID-FORM-INPUT every time they try and input an ad. I have tried to replicate this and cannot, has anyone else ever had this message?


I have just posted a simple test entry on the board without problem. It is set to expire tomorrow.

I was using a laptop running Firefox 46.0.1 with Windows 7 Home Premium.

With so many different devices accessing the internet now it would help to know what he was using (PC, iphone, Samsung phone, ipad etc) and what he was trying to enter (any special characters from Nordic languages for example), and what you tested with to get a good result. These days, if you can't replicate an issue on a computer you do need to double check wtih a phone.

You appear to have a pro account so I would suggest first assembling as much information as possible about what does or does not work and then raising a support ticket.


Thanks Peter. He says he was using Safari and tried ten times with the same problem. I have tried with an iPad and it works fine for me using Safari. He now says that he was able to update using Chrome. His post looks quite innocuous, no funny characters. I think I will wait until the next time!