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CONTACT FORM - Email not working

I added a Contact Form to my website today, however when I tested it to see if I could receive a test message, none of my test messages were received. I have checked and double checked and can't see where the problem is. I have checked that the email address where emails are to be received is correct. Any suggestions?

Re: CONTACT FORM - Email not working

Things to try:

1. Are you entering your registered address as the sender on the form? Some email providers will block the message when this happens.

2. Ensure that your spam filter and any fire wall are not deleting spam automatically.

3. If your email provider has a webmail option log in to that and make sure that messages haven't gone to a separate junk mail folder there.

4. Try setting up a new mailbox with a different free email provider and alter your form settings to cc messages to that account.

No answers I am afraid. I would need to be able to pull all three of your website, Bravenet account and email apart for myself to give a definitive solution. All I can do is point out the places where I have found issues.

Re: CONTACT FORM - Email not working

I just ran min to the same problem.

The web tool script did not enter the associated email address to work properly.

The proper code is using the mailto: syntax
(if your associated email target was

Looking at the source, the contact bravenet tool scripted:

although as of this writing I have not changed it just having published the website the tool should have scripted:


or properly:

Why there is a double scripting of the anchor is unknown this would
ordinarily be expected to send two duplicate emails instead of one.

hope this helps

Re: CONTACT FORM - Email not working


the forum message automatically removed the html (TAGS AND SCRIPT) I was attempting to show the correct script for it to work.

Re: CONTACT FORM - Email not working

Just make sure you find the mailto(colon) in the anchor in the page
script and that it points to the email address you want.

Re: CONTACT FORM - Email not working

The whole point of a contact form is that it uses a server side script NOT a mailto tag.