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Uploading Website Template

I am attempting to upload a website template from the web hosting website templates link. I click on the image, a pop up allows me to upload to web hosting, and then to upload to bravehost. An area appears to put in an index page and allows this name to be changed. I then click to have the files uploaded to a specific site and after a few minutes it goes back to the .... site.

However, when I go to manage the site I do not see the new index page I created (I used index688.html and index733.html for the names) and the folder appears with only two images in it with one having 0 bytes and there is no rss file.

I have used this numerous times in the past for my many websites I maintain, but this is a huge setback as I want to update a site using one of these as a base without creating something entirely from scratch. Any help with why this is happening would be helpful.

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Re: Uploading Website Template

I figured I would just download it and then upload it back. That works, but frustrating I can't do it the simple way.