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Traffic Stats

I am not happy with the way traffic statistics are now plotted. I have been using this system to track visitors by calendar month, be it Jan - 31 days, Feb - 28 days, etc. I am currently on Pro, but the system requires me to log in several times during the month and manually write down the days and visitors by hand, put them into a spreadsheet to calculate total.

Also as I see this, over a period of time, instead of measurements being from Jan 1 to Jan 31st, they will go to Jan 15 to Feb 15. New system needs to be changed back to the old one.

Also, I liked the way these numbers had been previously reported. Although it appears that more information is provided, it's not clearcut any longer.

Very unhappy.

Is there any possibility that Bravenet can or will go back to calendar month counts?

Re: Traffic Stats

Another reason why I use Statcounter.