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eCard won't send - sometimes

I've just activated the eCards service, but when I press send, it links to my website for the php code, and not the Bravenet website.

Sometimes the link is correct, but sometimes not!

So it links to

and not bravenet/postcard/post.php

Any body know why? And why it works sometimes correctly, and other times not?

Re: eCard won't send - sometimes

Delete the code from your site and then get the code afresh from Bravenet and set it up again being careful not to change the code that Bravenet provide. If there is still a problem then post again giving us a link to the site.

Unless we can see what is happening we can only guess what the problem is. I am starting by guessing that you have made a change to the copy/paste code.

Re: eCard won't send - sometimes


Thanks for that! Correct! The customisable HTML code I added was interfering with the hyperlink.

I removed that part and now it works.