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Customizing the Classifieds

I've been tasked with setting up a Classifieds Page for our club, but "the boss" is requesting some specific customization (this is a PRO account). Not sure if any of it is even possible, but here is what I would need:

1) We have 6 Categories, but they should be in a specific order on the page. Currently, they show up in alphabetical order. Can they be re-arranged somehow?

2) On the form for posting a classified ad, we would require input fields for the poster's Name and Address. Could those be added somehow?

3) This Classifieds page is supposed to be for club members only! Is there a way to password-protect the Classified section?

4) One of the questions in the help section for the Classifieds addresses the need to set or change the frame target that the "Home" button on the Classifieds page will link to. The instructions say to change/specify this in the "General Settings" beside Frame Target, but it's not showing me a "Frame Target" anywhere in the General Settings. Is there any other way to specify the target?

Any help or advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

The site url maybe handy for someone to reply to your post

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

1. Not sure as I have only used the free version - you could simply number your categories - as in "1 - Widgets", "2 - Personal" etc

3. The only secure way is to ban public posting and have people send you their ads. You can put it behind a login page but if somebody gets hold of the underlying url they can bypass any protection, Bravenet have designed the service to be public. Putting the ads in a frame will hide the address from the casual user.

Long answers get blocked so that's all.

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

7. The Wiki has got out of sync with the user interface. I don't know if the error is in the last update of the settings page or if the wiki wasn't updated. You have a Pro account so raise a support ticket.

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

I tried 3 times to reply to the person who requested a site url, and it keeps blocking my replies as SPAM! What gives?

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

Thanks, Peter, the numbering worked.

As for the password, it's weird because there is a "Password" input field on the page for posting an Ad, but I did some test entries and NONE of them required a password (they all posted just fine with the Password field left blank). I can't find any settings where to specify a password for posting ads either. We would like our club members to be able to submit posts but with
the use of a password (prevent non-members from posting). Any ideas?

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

Here is another question for come the FREE version of the Classifieds has the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields included in the page where people can post an ad, but in the PRO version those two (rather important) fields are missing??? Do we really have to make due without those 2 fields in exchange for not having to put up with annoying advertisements on our Classifieds page? One would think that the PRO version should have more fields/customization options than the free version, but I don't see any options to add the Name fields back into the posting page.

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

The password is only to allow the poster to go back and flag the item as "sold".

You really need to take your questions up with Bravenet through a support ticket. One of the techs may look at these forums but that isn't guaranteed.

Your "spam" problem is part of the same issue that forced me to split my reply, the filtering on these forums has become very tight and gives a lot of false positives.

Re: Customizing the Classifieds

Hi there,

We check these forums but don't provide dedicated support through them. To that end, you should create a dedicated support ticket at, and one of our techs will be happy to investigate with you.