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How to edit Guestbook 'Reply' questions ?

In my Guestbook settings under 'Manage Questions' I have disabled all but 2 questions/options I want to ask posters :
'Please enter your name'
'Please enter your message'.

That works fine but there seems to be no way to edit/disable all the unwanted items in the 'Reply' to a post section.
When a poster hits 'Reply' I want them to have just 2 questions similar to those above but with a slight change :
'Please enter your name'
'Please enter your reply'

When replying to a post, the poster is currently presented with the following :
'Your Name'
'Your Website URL'
'Avatar URL'

Can anyone please help as I have yet to find a way to edit or disable questions for the reply section.
Thanks in anticipation.

Re: How to edit Guestbook 'Reply' questions ?

I fully appreciate that members here might not know the answer to my question but Wow...I can't believe a Bravenet admin hasn't replied even if it's just to say it can't be done !

I am a long term customer of Bravenet and fully understand this is a member helping member forum but I also notice admin only reply when they want to !

What is admin for if they shy away from a simple question ?

Re: How to edit Guestbook 'Reply' questions ?

By the looks of it, there was an oversight in the creation of the Guestbook Editor. The developers must have assumed nobody would want to modify the options for replies.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we'll be investigating more thoroughly and advising our Development Team of this! :)

Re: How to edit Guestbook 'Reply' questions ?

Thank you Ross and I look forward to new and improved 'Guestbook' options which would make it better.

I do feel that a poster presented with the current embedded questions when replying could be put off posting,(too much info asked),which is my main concern.
I will finish by saying that I searched around for a decent Guestbook for my site and the 'Bravenet Guestbook' ticked most of the boxes which is why I decided to use it. I really like the way I can optimise most things including the colour scheme to match my site but I hit a brick wall when editing reply questions.

Thanks again....Alan

Re: How to edit Guestbook 'Reply' questions ?

Hi, Alan.

Add the following inside