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Images not appearing

After using this site for 6 months, suddenly none of my images are showing up. Can anyone tell me why? Am I the only one having this problem?


Re: Images not appearing

I can see some images from your page, but I can't verify if they're the images you are expecting to see or not.

I would advise you open a dedicated support ticket in our support center at and one of our friendly techs will be happy to try and resolve this issue with you as swiftly as possible. :)

Re: Images not appearing

If you mean the October Edition page there are no images but I do see from the source code that you are trying to use

Those dots in the file name look a bit suspect, check the name of the original.

Re: Images not appearing

Yes, but in the September edition there are missing images with sane names like Abigail.jpg, climbing.jpg, logo.png. So I suspected the /files/images part.
But then I found

It seems images are also supposed to be in places like:

Two things that can make it really difficult to edit a webpage are too complicated filenames and a too complicated directory structure.