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nned to change my email address

I need help changing my email address in my dashboard...
I tried to change it but it just wont let me do it can someone please tell me how I can do this? we are changing servers and I will need to change the email address....
Thanks Merry Christmas every one.

Re: nned to change my email address

Click Account (top right, black line)
Then Edit profile
Find your email and change it. You refer to an "it" that prevents you from doing this. My guess is that it has to do with your date of birth. For some reason, editing the personal information, or even opening the page, changes my date of birth into something crazy (an extra zero in day and month that removes the last two year digits). Just change it back, and you will be allowed to save.

Re: nned to change my email address

Thank you for your help.....
this time all went well.