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Email forms

I cannot seem to get my email form to function properly. Copy/pasted code. Form is up and running but does nothing when you hit Submit.

Re: Email forms

If you don't give us a link to a page with the form on all we can do is guess.

Common issues are:
1. People who know a tiny bit of html trying to change parts of the form that must not be changed.
2. You are trying to test the form from the page as displayed inside your site building software. Most editors simply don't let you do that, you must open the page with a web browser first.

Or any number of other possibilities - put the form on the web and give us a link.

Re: Email forms

Looks like this page peter

The submit on yours is :-
input type="submit" value=" Submit " />

The submit on mine is :-
input type="submit" value=" Submit ">
No forward slashes

Re: Email forms

Thanks guys.

My source code came straight from the bravenet custom build form - sorry not knowledgeable in HTML (personally I left the IT world in 1990 to raise my children - I was proficient in mainframes).

Here is the source code within my site builder page -

input type="submit" value=" Submit ">

BUT yet source code outside the editor is -
input type="submit" value=" Submit " />


Upon closer examination of the source code (before and after), there are several things that differ including not including my submit and reset buttons within the body of my the question becomes more along the lines of what is going on with the bravenet editor. I will open a support ticket for this.