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web site tools

Hello, I've downloaded some web site tools to my site and they don't seem to work, they are ads to your site (Bravenet), can you advise what I'm doing wrong?

Re: web site tools

Did you paste the code for each web tool that you want? Site stats on your home page look fine to me.

The ad comes from the affiliate link, that's the whole point, you advertise Bravenet and eventually get some money if enough people sign up.

Re: web site tools

Hello, I've downloaded web counter but i am not understand that how it will be start from zero
Can you advise what I'm doing wrong?

Re: web site tools

You can change the start value by logging in to your account at Bravenet. Each of your counters will start from zero unless you change it.

If you are having a problem it probably means that you have used the code for the same counter on two different pages. If you do that it will show a single value that is the total of hits on each of the pages.

If you are using the free service you get just three counters with your account.