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Site Ring

On and off for years I have tried to use the site ring as part of a membership feature on my website ...there seems to always be a problem.

Right now, though the feature shows that you can rearrange (manually) the entries doesn't save what order you have changed them to.

I chatted with someone about this and was told thank you for pointing this out and that they would have to mention that to the programmers.

Several days later still doesn't work as advertised and I was given no idea when it would work properly.

BTW ...does anyone what days or times the Chat feature works in support here? Most the time the link doesn't even show up.

Re: Site Ring

I'm back to add another issue to the Site Ring web tool issues. There is a button/link in the Site Ring manager that says "Add Category" that doesn't appear to do anything. I pressed on it and it took me to a page that that pretty much blank. There was absolutely nothing I could do from that page except navigate back where I came from. What am I suppose to be able to do with the "add category" feature?

I certainly wish more attention was paid to the working ability to this web tool at Bravenet. I have been a member for years and I have always been disappointed with trying to make use of the web tool Site Ring whenever I have tried to incorporate it. I feel it could possibly be a great tool if it worked properly and consistently.

Re: Site Ring

Unfortunately, that Add a Category feature was not implemented. Sorry about any confusion caused by that! Our developers have been notified of this error.

Thanks! :)

Re: Site Ring

No one at Bravenet has addressed my message from October 2014 concerning the fact that when I rearrange the additions in my Site Ring, they do not save to those positions. This is my second message concerning this issue since October 2014.

I simply wish to be able to rearrange the list on the Site Ring and have it stick. Could someone please address my issue ASAP and let me know when it will be corrected.

P.S. Did you permanently remove the CHAT for Support?

Re: Site Ring

We address support concerns through our Customer Technical Support Center:

Please be sure to create support tickets for any dedicated support issues you have, as this forum is our Members Helping Members forum and is not a medium for dedicated technical support. :)