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Guestbook and spammers

Since 2004 I've been using Bravenets guestbook, i love it because it's fully customizable, lately i've been flooded with spammers.

I tried all the suggestions made in the forum

- enable image verification
- flood protection
- post approval has been on since day one
- blocking ip's

and instead of lowering the amount of spammers they seem to become more persisant.

I guess I will have to shut down my guestbook eventually if there is no solution for this problem.

Re: Guestbook and spammers

Me too!

Somehow these spammers are able add a post for their products to a disabled guestbook. I have removed all html coding for the guestbook, so they are gaining access through bravenet directly.

There is NO CODING for the bravenet Guestbook on either one of my websites.

There is no way for a visitor to either site to access my bravenet Guestbook and yet I get emails notifying me of pending guestbook posts and sure enough when I log on to bravenet , to bravenet apps, Guestbook, there they are, pending spammer posts for cheap handbags and sunglasses and other crap.

This IS AN INTERNAL BRAVENET issue. No coding = no guestbook. It is that simple.

Re: Guestbook and spammers

I have taken the exact same action as Tami, and the identical stuff has happened. I removed all code relating to my guestbook from my website and this morning I received another spam. I get an email from bravenet and when I check my guestbook, I have spam there although there is no link from my website to the guestbook. It appears to be internal to Bravenet or their guestbook stuff is hacked! Right now I'm using another guestbook until they have theirs' fixed.

Re: Guestbook and spammers

Your guest book is a web page in its own right. Removing the link doesn't remove that page from the web. You need to log in to your Bravenet account and delete the service entirely.

Once somebody knows the address of the guest book they can go direct to it without going through your site.

Re: Guestbook and spammers ; To: Peter

I do not understand your reply. The guestbook html coding was on my homepage but I deleted it.

I do not have the Bravenet Guestbook imbedded on my website. The page is held at Bravenet! No one can get to my Bravenet Guestbook from my website, it is NOT possible.

I have to log in and enter my user name and password to view it, to get to it. So how are the spammmers able to do this?

Are they also able to go into my websites hosted by Bravenet?

If they can access one page at bravenet, how do I know they are not able to access all of the pages hosted by Bravenet?

Re: Guestbook and spammers ; To: Peter

If somebody bookmarks your guestbook they can go straight to it without going to your site first.

Deleting the link doesn't block the guestbook to anybody who has bookmarked it.

The only way to delete the guestbook is to log in to your account and go to the webapps tab.

Re: Guestbook and spammers ; To: Peter

I deleted my entire account and still got email that says:

"Bravenet Guestbook Notification

Someone has just posted a new entry in your Bravenet Guestbook.
This post is PENDING your approval. You can approve, edit or delete this entry by logging in to the Bravenet Members Area.

Upgrade To Bravenet Professional Guestbook

This will remove advertising from your Guestbook.

To upgrade, login to your Members Area and upgrade your service through your service manager - just look under "Utilities."

I deleted my website two years ago but wanted to keep the guestbook because of good memories I have from a lot of friends who now no longer are with us.
But I thought the only way to avoid spam was to close my entire account. Up till today I have "spam" from Bravenet daily....

How to get rid of it ?

Re: Guestbook and spammers ; To: Peter

yup the memories if it weren't for that i'd deleted the guestbook account already.

To bad you got to fork up money to "archive" your guestbook.

I'm going to see if i can stop the email notifications and log in every now and then to delete the spam messages.

Re: Guestbook and spammers ; To: Peter

It would be bad if you shut down your guestbook becaue of these b.a.s.t.a.r.d.s. You guys need a customized guestbook with a special code that needs to be fed before the message get posted. Sometimes it is enough to put numbers like 3 + 5 = .... and the person has to type the result in the dotted area in order to send the form. Many times simple things like this can prevent your guestbook to be spammed. Another cheap solution to add 2 or 3 images at the bottom of the forms that look like CAPTCHA and ask for some fix values that can not be figured it out otherwise than reading the text on the image. Of course real CAPTCHA is the best, but might be hard to implement for beginners...

Re: Guestbook and spammers ; To: Peter

yup and even captcha isn't bulletproof, they even manage to apply for membership in my forum and that is captcha activated.

Re: Guestbook and spammers ; To: Peter

Do note that closing down your Bravenet user account does not delete any prior services that were left running. Every Guestbook has a page that it is accessible on, and if the Guestbook isn't shut down that page can still be accessed directly by it's URL. Where it's linked from is quite irrelevent, since most automated spam doesn't find the Guestbook based on the same physical links that real users do, in the first place.