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site ring --- sigh, need help

ok -- hoping someone can help me figure out what i'm doing wrong.

having a couple of issues -- just set it up yesterday -- i have 5 added to the ring. but things aren't running smoothly.

1 -- people can't "join" from my box. they go to the next blog - but can join from there.
2 -- one of the blogs - you can only use the "previous" button
3 -- one blog -- when you click a "next" or "previous" button --- the next site shows up in the little box.

sigh --- what am i missing?

am i right in understanding how the process works --

they join -- fill out the info -- they get an email with the code to put on their blog.

any help anyone could offer would be wonderful -- not sure what i'm missing.

Re: site ring --- sigh, need help

Have you ever been able to resolve your Site Ring issues?

Trying to use the Site Ring has been a real problem for me as I've tried to make it work for my site off and on for years. I keep coming back in hopes they have killed all the bugs. Guess not enough people use the Site Ring.