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Cant make website at all

I payed for a domain. When I pick create website after the domain I purchased it makes me use the free bravehost website. I want to make a website of toys my son built thought it would be a fun thing to do together. Its friday and we have plenty of time over the weekend. Please help me.

It forces me to use the free domain name.

Re: Cant make website at all

I doubt very much "it" makes you use a free website.

If you go here, you can choose several forms of hosting. I hope you do realize that paying for a domain isn't the same as paying for hosting?

You can start building the website right now, and take care of the domain problem later - whatever you do, it will take some time before the domain name works.

There should be some easy way of directing your domain to the site you build, but I don't know how. I've always purchased my domains and hosting as one package, and under a different TLD where the rules may be different. If nobody else has a suggestion, you can open a ticket. But as I said, you can start building right now.