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Message Forum question

Can anyone tell me how to change the background color of the message forum bar that has Topic, Author, Views...
On my forum setup that bar background is white and the yellow text that I use in the forum messages works very well with a dark blue background, but not visible with the white background of that bar. If that can't be done, can I just change the color of text for that particular bar?


Re: Message Forum question

Also can I add a statistic counter to the message forum in order to record info on number of new visitors for the day vs. returning visitors? I see how to view the new posts and replies stats, but can that be modified by adding counters to the message forums?

Re: Message Forum question

From inside the message form manager click the orange 'Edit Form Styles" button at the top of your message forum.

As for adding a counter, if you are embedding the message board on your site you can place a counter on your page. Other wise you could put one in the Custom HTML option found under the 'Edit Page' button on your message form when logged in. You may need to scroll up to see the button.


Re: Message Forum question

Thanks Courtnie, but I'm having problems with your directions. I see no "message form manager". I do have a Message Forum Manager, is that the one? Also you say "click the orange 'Edit Form Styles" button", I see an orange "edit forum styles" button, is that right? If so, which one of those choices provided enables the ability to change the background color or font color for the bar that shows Topic, Author, Views, Replies, and Last Post? I've already tried this section, but had no luck. Sorry to be so dimwitted, thanks again for your help.