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Selling on my website

Hello, maybe you can help me...I want to sell my courses on my website: what I have in mind is a drop down menu with all the courses. If someone clicks on a course, the page should open and they can see what the course is about. There also should be a "to buy" button, and when they bought a course, they should automatically receive it. Now is anyone out there who IN VERY SIMPLE TERMS can explain to me, what I am to do. Any suggestions welcome.

Re: Selling on my website

In terms of required technical ability this is on a parr with servicing your own car. Not something to explain without using technical language. For both I would suggest employing a professional.

Re: Selling on my website

Hi Eva,

I suggest trying out the new BraveSites website builder. It has some built in shopping cart components as well as paypal components. They are fairly straight forward to use and you don't need to know any code in order to get them set up and working.

You can find these components under the 'add to page' in the top right of the BraveSites builder.

Here are some help links on the BraveSites shopping cart component:

Re: Selling on my website

Thank you Courtnie for all your help. It works now. Took me a while to get the hang of it, but actually it's not that difficult. Now (I hope) I have the final question....once the customer bought my course, how is he going to get it?

Re: Selling on my website

Hi Eva,

I am not overly familiar with the shopping cart component but I briefly played with it and think I have figured it out for you.

You go to manage your products. When you are creating a product there is a "files" tab the top. Here you can upload any files you wish (like your courses.) Once an order's status has been changed to paid, the customer will receive a email with a link to download the files or your course.

Ecwid also has a forum here: that might be of more help.

I can help you as best as I can with BraveSites but a lot of our components integrate with 3 party software that I am not always familiar with.

I think what I have suggested will work for you though.