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Stats Counter

I am using Front Page and Microsoft Expression 4 as editors.

A year ago I had the counter on the page no problem. I neglected to put it on the site when I updated it last June and have been running without it this past year.

I am about to update the site again and I'm wanting to include the counter again but, I am having issues with the "copy & paste" for the code.

I too am having the same issue as the person above. I copy and paste the code on my opening page upload it and all I see is the code not the counter.

Help Please ?

Re: Stats Counter

OK, you have read the post in question and seen my reply. Presumably you followed the instructions there so what don't you understand about the process described when you go through the help menu?

Re: Stats Counter

Thank you for responding however, you came across very arrogantly and I for one do not appreciate it.

Try being a little kinder in your responses. After all this is a place for people to seek assistance when all other ways seem exhausted to them is it not?

If you can't soften your tone - then don't bother responding to the requests for help. I don't believe Bravenet would appreciate the light you are painting of them.

Thank you