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HELP!!! Copy & past edit doesn't function

When I go to and edit component I am trying to copy and past or also drag and drop highlighted info and it gives me an error message "your browser security setting don't permit editor to automatically execute copying operations. Please use keyboard for that (ctrl/com+C)" First of all, I don't have a "com" on my keyboard???

This problem, that I can't copy and paste just started recently. WHAT DID YOU CHANGE BRAVESITES?????

I rely on moving my info up on the page and without copy and paste I can't do it.

Re: HELP!!! Copy & past edit doesn't function

The clue is in "YOUR browser". It's probably down to an automatic update or something that you have installed.

You will either have a CTRL or a Command key adepending on what make of computer you are using. Your will not have both, it's just telling you to copy and paste in the normal way that you use with any other software.