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Pasting Code to Facebook?

I am attempting to paste the code for others to subscribe to my newsletter into a tab on a Facebook page. I used the app "Static HTML" and the code appears to have worked, but when information is entered and "go" is clicked, the operation times out. Before this, I pasted the code and the app suggested changing a link from http:// to https://. When I ignored this, the "go" button didn't do anything, then after inputting the s, the above problem resulted.

Alternatively, is there a link provided by bravenet that I can send to potential subscribers? This would be much easier and avoid the code all together on my part.

Re: Pasting Code to Facebook?

If the form doesn't work on FB then create a one page website and link to that. You can do that for nothing through Bravesites.

Re: Pasting Code to Facebook?