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Wizard Will Not Publish New Uploaded Photos

I've replaced three photos on my websites "Motel Units" page. When I preview the page the new photos appear, but after publishing the changes the old photos show up when I check the site. Why will Wizard not publish my new photos?

Re: Wizard Will Not Publish New Uploaded Photos

I can think of quite long list of things that might be the problem.

Some details of the steps that you took would help but first go to the problem page and hit the F5 key on your computer a couple of times. That should clear any problems over your temporary internet files folder.

Re: Wizard Will Not Publish New Uploaded Photos

As Peter says, the first step with this kind of issue it to reload the page with CTRL-F5 to force a refresh, and/or manually clear your web browser's cache/temporary internet files. We also advise clearing your Java cache at times, such as with yesterday's update to the SFTP Applet requiring a Java refresh for some clients.