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cant get counter onto my page??

There need to be more directions how to add a counter.... so I chose a counter and copied the code for it, but then I went to my front page via web helper to put it there and clicked on below the page writing and hit paste..., so it pasted the code,and I saved page but it just had all the html and no visible real counter, so how do I do this??? I did it a couple years ago and still got no counter only a listing I had one still at 000000 Help!

Re: cant get counter onto my page??

Yey , I finally solved it myself! When you use the really useful Website Wizard, it has one listing at the top right for "viewing as shown-print" -where what you type in is what you get and see, and on the left side top label you hit for "show html". I tried to put the copy and paste html for the counter onto the regular print view that I always use and it wouldnt convert over to the counter, when saved. So I went all back -and on this slow computor it can take 10 minutes, and I opened the html view - here you can hardly read anything, and I pasted it below that, and then when I saved it to publish and looked- there was my counter as an actual counter!!! Yey!
I wish someone in the Bravenet directions would have explained that and I would have had a counter 3 years ago as I tried then and couldnt get it to work either...Bravehost, please remember that only a few people really know how this stuff works!!! And we need real clear simple directions!!! I kept reading about an editor for webprint and I still dont know what that is I just have Windows Xp and Internet explorer...

Re: cant get counter onto my page??

There are hundreds of different programs that can be used for editing web pages. All Bravenet can give you is generic copy and paste instructions.

You need to consult the intructions for the specific editor that you are using.

Re: cant get counter onto my page??

Dear Peter, can you give me a couple names, as an example of what is an editor???, is Internex Explorer 8 an editor?? See I dont know what that is so it doesnt help to just tell me to check it... I never see anything called an editor listed on my computor just photo programs, etc??? I just basically learned how to use the computor at a few free classes at the library.... Thanks