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Inserting form code in Dreamweaver

Whenever I insert the html code for a form, my website (as it appears in Design version) only keeps it's image in the heading. The rest of the text and images are gone and all that remains are some lines. However, seen in a browser it is quite normal, with the form included! But I can't edit in Html so I must be able to see the site in Design mode! How can I do that?

Re: Inserting form code in Dreamweaver

I don't know Dreamweaver specifically but it is normal for editing software not to execute certain code during the design process. For some changes you just have to edit the underlying html.

You should be able to edit the code in dreamweaver. I found these instructions on another site:

If you've never used Dreamweaver as an HTML editor before you may have never even noticed the three buttons at the top of the page: "Code", "Split", and "Design". Dreamweaver starts up by default in "Design view" or WYSIWYG mode. But it's easy to switch to viewing and editing the HTML code. Just click on the "Code" button. Or, go into the View menu and select "Code".

The site has a number of Dreamweaver tutorials.

You can always edit the html file using a text editor such as Notepad

Re: Inserting form code in Dreamweaver

Yes, I do use those three buttons. That's where I insert the code from Bravenhost (using "split") but when I switch back to "design" I can't see the website as it is. And I can't edit in Notepad because I can't work in Html, only in wysiwyg.
Dreamweaver has a way of its own to insert forms but that's too complicated and I can't follow the instructions. That's why I'm using Bravehost because they have these webmaster apps that I thought I could use! Actually, I have used "Guestbook" successfully in the past by inserting the code in Dreamweaver. Don't know why it doesn't work with email forms. Anyone?

Re: Inserting form code in Dreamweaver

Why not google "insert HTML code in Dreamweaver"? Here's the URL of one site that explains it in very simple terms:

Re: Inserting form code in Dreamweaver

I did this. Copied the code to TextEdit (because Mac doesn't have Notepad) and put that TextEdit file in the folder for the website. Continued to follow the instructions and tested. Got the reply: "There is no feedback.php file in the folder. OK, so I created a blank page with that name and uploaded. Nothing.

Still don't know what to do.